Progress Updates and What’s Next at The Ridge Center Campus

We’re delighted to pass along the most recent updates and plans for The Ridge Center Campus on behalf of the Ocean Ridge Master Association. Our mission to elevate the community’s living experience is visibly unfolding, with remarkable progress made in the initial months of this year and exciting plans laid out for the near future.

Progress Update: Current Achievements

At the heart of our community, The Ridge Center’s foundational work sets the stage for a vibrant communal space. We’ve successfully installed the main building’s footings, a pivotal step towards erecting a new community cornerstone. The installation of underground utilities is nearly complete, with only electric and fiber optics remaining, ensuring our facilities will efficiently meet the community’s needs.

Efforts to enhance accessibility and connectivity within Ocean Ridge Plantation are also moving forward. The entry road from Dartmoor Way is undergoing extensive grading and stoning, which is preparing it for its final paved form. This development is crucial for easy access to The Ridge Center and underscores our commitment to improving the community infrastructure.

Looking Forward: Anticipated Milestones

The upcoming phases in The Ridge Center’s development are brimming with potential:

  • Building Construction: The next few weeks are set to witness the pouring of the slab on grade for the main building, contingent on favorable weather conditions. This step is crucial for the vertical construction phase and moves us closer to bringing the vision of The Ridge Center to fruition.
  • Road Completion: The paving work on the entry road is up next, promising improved access and an aesthetically pleasing entrance to The Ridge Center.
  • Recreational Facilities: Following the road’s completion, we will commence construction on the pool building. The availability of the pool and pickleball courts is eagerly anticipated, with early access possible by mid-July, pending approvals from the county, the health department, and the issuance of a partial Certificate of Occupancy.

Safety Advisory

With the anticipation surrounding these developments, Ocean Ridge Real Estate Sales, in collaboration with the Ocean Ridge Master Association, emphasizes the importance of safety. We strongly advise residents and guests to avoid construction areas for safety. Access to these sites is strictly regulated and requires approval from the Board or Committee Chair.

Future Outlook

The Ridge Center building and the surrounding site are on track for completion by the end of 2024. This marks a significant milestone in our community’s evolution, promising new and enhanced amenities for enjoyment, social engagement, and relaxation.

Ocean Ridge Real Estate Sales is committed to keeping you informed and involved as we progress with these exciting developments. We appreciate your ongoing support and patience during this transformative time. Watch this space for further updates as we forge a brighter future for Ocean Ridge Plantation together.