Private Beach Club

Experience the gentle Carolina breezes and the sun setting on the Atlantic’s horizon while you enjoy the company of friends and neighbors from one of the decks of your very own private beach club.

Our three-story oceanfront beach club features prized private parking and exclusive access to showers, dressing areas, bathrooms, and a well-appointed kitchenette. Ocean Ridge owners and their guests enjoy an open floor plan with spacious oceanfront decks on both the 2nd and 3rd floors and coastal décor.  This beach club has been a great addition to the already prestigious list of Ocean Ridge private lifestyle amenities that pamper and invigorate.

Voted the number one barrier island in North Carolina by Duke University researchers, Sunset Beach is a top destination for beachgoers and the home of Ocean Ridge’s exclusive beach club, located just four minutes from Ocean Ridge Plantation.

After visiting Sunset Beach, you’ll quickly realize this area respectfully preserves its uncrowded, relaxed way of life.

Experience Spectacular Atlantic Ocean Sunrises and Sunsets from Your South-Facing Beach Haven