Nature-Oriented Amenities

The Nature Park & Pavilion is a beautiful setting for the entire family. Accentuated with a pavilion with outdoor cooking facilities, a community playground, an activity lawn, and a nature overlook, the Ocean Ridge Nature Park provides for all the best qualities of outdoor activity and leisure.

Our ancient maritime forests are well-protected in a vast expanse of nature preserves. Integral parts of the community, the pristine woodlands are lined by miles of winding trails perfect for walking or biking through each neighborhood. The plantation is surrounded by rich woodlands dotted with rare native orchids and other exotic foliage. At your feet, a clean crisp steam ripples by, with the lilting call of birds from above.  A few hundred yards from your backyard feels like miles from civilization.

Nature amenities include:

  • Walking and biking trails with views of wildlife, wildflowers and an ancient maritime forest in our 300+ acre nature preserve
  • A community garden centered around a restored 1830s farmhouse where you can grow your own herbs and vegetables
  • The Nature Park & Pavilion with a BBQ area
  • The Oak Park gazebo
  • A four-acre fishing lake