April Update on The Ridge Center Campus Developments

In our ongoing effort to keep the community informed about the progress at The Ridge Center Campus, Ocean Ridge Real Estate Sales is pleased to pass along the latest news and updates from the Ocean Ridge Masters Association on the latest developments from March and early April. This update follows our initial reports shared earlier this year, showcasing significant advancements in infrastructure and construction. As we continue to track the transformation of this central hub, we are excited to highlight the strides made in enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of our facilities.

Progress Report: March and Early April Achievements

Our construction team has been hard at work, achieving several key milestones:

  • Infrastructure Enhancements: The base asphalt has now been laid across the entire parking lot and the entrance road, enhancing accessibility and setting the stage for further developments.
  • Building Construction: The architectural backbone of the Ridge Center, including the Glulam beam and steel framing, is now in place, topped off with the roofing. This construction milestone marks a significant step forward in our community center’s structural integrity and aesthetics.
  • Recreational Facilities: The construction of the Pool building has commenced, promising a splendid venue for relaxation and social gatherings. The completion of this facility, along with the early use of the pool and pickleball courts, is anticipated by mid-July, pending the necessary approvals and issuance of a partial Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Visual Updates: We are pleased to share some recent photographs taken by Steve Wingfield, showcasing the progress on the building and roadway and providing a bird’s-eye view of the entire construction area.

What’s on the Horizon

Looking ahead, the following steps for The Ridge Center Campus are filled with anticipation:

  • Facility Completion: The Pool building will soon see the installation of walls and roofing, drawing near to completion. Additionally, the event lawn stage is expected to be entirely constructed by the end of this month.
  • Building Enclosure: The Ridge Center itself will reach a significant phase, with walls and window systems set to be installed, effectively sealing the building (“drying” in) “and all”wing interior trades to begin their work.
  • Community Engagement: We are excited to announce the commencement of the Ridge Campus Community Site Tours, starting May 8th. These tours will provide an exclusive look at the ongoing development, beginning from the newly paved entrance road.

Tour Details and Safety Information

  • Tour Schedule: The first tour is scheduled for May 8th, starting at 3 PM, and will last approximately 1 hour. Attendees are asked to meet in the parking lot along the new entrance road of the Ridge Campus between 2:30 PM and 3 PM.
  • Safety Measures: Participants are reminded that the tour will only be limited to paved areas and will not approach under-construction structures for safety reasons. The tour will be limited to 40 individuals, with eight alternates in case of cancellations.
  • Registration and Future Tours: Interested residents can sign up here. Depending on demand, additional tours may be planned for May and monthly until the project’s completion in December 2024.
  • Construction Site Access: Access to the construction site is strictly regulated. No entry is allowed without approval from the Board or Committee Chair, and hard hats along with a safety course are required during working hours (Monday-Saturday, 9 AM-5 PM). The site is off-limits during non-working hours.

Safety Reminder

We continue to emphasize the importance of safety, urging residents and their guests to avoid construction areas unless participating in an organized tour. Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines ensure everyone’s safety and facilitate a smooth completion of The Ridge Center Campus.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to completing this exciting project, enhancing the lifestyle and amenities for everyone at Ocean Ridge Plantation.